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Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Make Great Presents


Sometimes it can be a real pain shopping for a unique gift. If you are tired of purchasing the same old ordinary thing for your family members, friends, or relatives or are struggling to come up with the ideal present, why not try a  personalised gift? Take your gift-giving to a whole new level with an impressive present that is tailor-made especially for the person you are giving it to.


Personalization turns the ordinary into a unique or memorable memento by adding your own touch of art, graphics, or even objects to a gift. Customized or tailor-made gifts are often embellished with a name, photographs, or a short special message that allows people to bestow their thoughts and feelings to their friends and family.

Here at The Fifth Design, we understand the significance of gift-giving and see it as an ideal opportunity to celebrate the special moments in our loved one’s life. 

Custom Front Page Puzzle

Custom Front Page Puzzle

Turn an important day in history into a 500-piece puzzle to help your history buff or sports fan take a trip back in time. Pick any date going all the way back to 1851, whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary or a major moment that moved the needle.

Recipe Cutting Board

Recipe Cutting Board

Take a recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation and turn it into an heirloom that their family will cherish for years to come. Just track down the handwritten version and send it to this Etsy seller to craft a custom wood cutting board.

Custom Dog Pillow

Custom Dog Pillow

Commemorate their fur baby with a cotton and polyester custom dog pillow. You can personalize this adorable decoration with their dog’s face and add some personality to their living room.

Personalized “Mrs.” Sweatshirt

Personalized Mrs Sweatshirt

If she just got married, this is the sweatshirt she’ll live in. Made of cotton, polyester and vinyl, it comes in tons of colors and can be customized with her new last name and wedding date.

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